Beta-Version von Microsoft Edge ab sofort verfügbar

The next-generation beta version of Microsoft Edge is available for download for all supported versions of Windows and MacOS   . The new browser is based on the popular and powerful Chromium engine, which facilitates cross-platform development. In addition, customers improved web compatibility, enhanced security features, and new features for more productive and personalized use.

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Continuous development in phases

The previous version of the Microsoft Edge is based on extensive user feedback: The previous available previews have been completed more than a million times. There were more than 140,000 feedbacks.

The beta version is the third and final preview released before the launch of the next browser generation. It is the most stable pre-release as it complements the beta after successfully completing an extensive two-channel quality check – first in the canary and then in the dev channel. There are major updates every six weeks, as well as regular minor updates to bug fixes and security.

Microsoft Edge Beta Channel

Better personalization for private customers

Although the beta version is still in pre-release status, it is already suitable for daily use. Users can choose between 14 languages ​​and personalize their browsing experience. When it is opened – focusing, inspiring or informative. Users now also surf in a darker "dark fashion" design. In addition, the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons Store or through Chromium-based web stores search the Chrome Web Store.

By enabling tracking prevention, users can protect themselves from being traced back to websites they did not even visit. The feature is currently hidden in beta, but can be  enabled  . Users then choose between three different levels of privacy protection: basic, balanced or strict. In addition, Further innovations did Microsoft has presented at this year's build will be available in the coming months for the beta version – For Example, the function  collections is  already in the Canary channel usable.

More productivity and the highest security for companies

The new beta version already includes many features for corporate customers that Microsoft announced at Build 2019. For example, Microsoft Search is now integrated into Bing. With the new feature, users spend less time searching because they intelligently link employees, documents, locations, and conversations within a company.

The new Internet Explorer mode gives Microsoft Edge the compatibility of Internet Explorer 11. A very important feature, with around 60 percent of companies worldwide using both Internet Explorer and another browser. For added security, Windows Defender Application Guard helps corporate IT isolate untrusted Web sites. Other new features, such as a corporate-focused tab feature, will soon be available on the Canary and Dev channels.

Business customers are testing the next generation of Microsoft Edge through the beta or dev build  available through the  Microsoft Edge Insider website .

Constant commitment to more security and compatibility on the Web

Microsoft has announced plans to extend the Microsoft Edge Security Rewards Program to the Beta and Dev channels. Relevant information on security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities rewards Microsoft with up to 30,000 US dollars. Further information can be found on the  MSCR blog .

In addition, Microsoft has  contributed more than 1,000 contributions to the Chromium project to date  . Microsoft's commitment to the Chromium community wants to be more accessible and accessible to all users.

You can find detailed information about this topic on the  Windows Experience Blog .